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About me

After achieving a 1st class business degree in 2007 – I hung my certificate on my parent’s dining room wall & set out to explore the world…

The next 6 years were full of adventure, spiralling through colour, chaos & cosmic wonder, & completely immersing myself in many different tribes, cultures & climates.


From the Amazon, to the Pyramids, Indian temples & many places in-between, I became fascinated with how sound seemed to be the central core of every tribe, the very fabric that weaved each community together.


Singing at sunrise, drumming at sunset, mantra in in the mountains, native flutes in the forest.. I saw babies being sang into the world, & old souls passing on, surrounded by their loved ones singing them back home.  My experience with sound was transforming into a bridge towards reconnection, & a necessity for my existence!


When I returned to the UK in 2011 – I noticed that we experience sound in a much more structured, yet distant way – that perhaps contributes to the great disconnect in the western world.


I decided to make it my mission to explore sound as a bridge between myself, my soul, the community, & the world.


Initially I founded Play Around Sound – a musical adventure for children – exploring their creativity through music, poetry & play.


I naturally progressed to learning sound therapy as a tool for healing & transformation – under the guidance of the legendary musical master, Tim Wheater.


Tim has been my greatest teacher, my mentor, my wacktastically weird & wonderful wingman, & a never-ending source of inspiration to me on my journey through sound.