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Do you struggle to prioritise your own self care?

Do you thrive off the buzz you feel at high-vibe events, but return to limiting habitual behaviour when you’re alone?

Are you feeling the fear of the current climate and seeking support to stay strong and connected?


Welcome to our Sister Sound Circle 

online member’s community 

Because together is the best place to be…


Our Sister Sound Circle is devoted to our journey of ascension.


How can we draw out the true essence of your highest self and encourage her to blossom in this weird and wonderful world?


Together we will support each other to open our hearts and minds to our divine feminine power. We will stand together as way showers to both accelerate your own personal path, and to blaze a trail for our sisters to dance on after us.


SSC will create simple tools and strategies to truly begin to thrive in our lives as we watch limitless possibilities unfold on the path before us.

What is our Sister Sound Circle? 

The SSC is a place that provides practical tools for transformation, along with deeper connection to the sisterhood through singing, sharing, committing to sacred work for the evolution of the earth and manifesting miracles within us and all around us.

Sisterly guidance will be shared through videos, monthly workshops, weekly sound meditations, insight from leading experts, book clubs, members events and adventures – all of which will assist our journey of ascension.

SSC will help us all to feel grounded, connected,

surrounded and protected.

A glimpse of what is included

sister sound circle

Monthly personal development topics

That we’ll work on together as a group, and support each other through.

sister sound circle

Our monthly live new moon Sister Sound Circle

Sing, drum and share in the high vibes with us from anywhere in the world via our private Zoom link.

sister sound circle

A discount to our new moon Sister Sound Circle event

Join our monthly three hour event at a members only discounted price.

A weekly sound meditation with Cherub

Tune in and connect together.

sister sound circle

Connect with likeminded members

Build amazing friendships, whilst getting and giving support.

SSC bazaar

A place for members to showcase their businesses, sell their wares, get gift inspiration, support each other’s brands, offer and receive discounts and reach new clients.

sister sound circle

Special discount of Cherabella merchandise and competition giveaways

From crystal bowls and tuning forks to sound journeys, coaching sessions and exclusive events.

sister sound circle

Sisterly support

We’ll do our best to put you in touch with someone who lives close by to help you both stay on track

sister sound circle

Monthly mingling events

A complimentary ticket to our monthly women’s networking event in London to get  inspired and support each other in business, community and friendship.

sister sound circle

A chance to meet the healer’s healers

Get access to Cherub’s personal team of lightworker superheroes.

sister sound circle

Wild gatherings

Get member’s priority bookings to our SSC adventures, exploring sacred sites all over the world.

sister sound circle

Private group

If you’re struggling, need some guidance or just straight up support, this is the place to ask us all. You are never alone when you’re with your sisters.

Becoming a member

We are offering all our sisters the opportunity to join for just £22 a month.

Or you can join for the whole year and save £44.


We’ll make this option available when we skip out of isolation holding hands in the near future.


However, current climate considered, we want to do our best to make this community accessible for all.


While we’re in isolation, we’re offering this platform to you all for £11 a month. We’ll reassess the payment once we all evolve into the next chapter of 2020.


Invest in yourself and join in with your sisters today.

What our sisters feel about SSC

Liz Keates

“I’ve attended Cherub’s beautiful sister sound circle for almost 4 years. It’s been such a supportive space. I LOVE the energy I receive from singing and sharing with such a wonderful group of women of all ages. Cherub is an INCREDIBLE woman who is passionate about sound and sisterhood. She holds the space in such a delicious, inclusive, holding and energetic way.

I started to attend the sister sound circle following a life shock (serious ill health) and it was certainly a huge part of my healing journey. I’ve made friends with some of the amazing women that I have met in this circle.  and I will be forever grateful for the support and richness I have experienced in this sisterhood” 


Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach

Géraldine Emmanuelle

“Truly mesmerizing, graceful and empowering. I have followed Cherub’s Sister circle since day one. I will not miss any circles. It is so valuable to me and my well being to step in that divine feminine community Cherub offers. It is breathtaking and it supported me so much, to feel at home again. I am so grateful each time being part of that sacred space with my dearest gorgeous sisters from every walk of life. Highest vibrations, sacred heart connection, Cherub is so magical.

She brings her loving compassion, care, and co-creation with joy and modesty. Such unique and special deep healing moments. It has grounded me so much and I have embraced my inner power, I have grown within and with the circle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are my earth angel. I love you.” 


Artist and healer

Debora Luzi

“I feel so blessed to have found Cherub and her sister circles. They have been an amazing part of my healing journey. I am a busy mama of three and running my own business so life can be stressful at times and going to the circle every month really helps me to recharge.

The circles are such a wonderful space where you can just go back to being yourself and find support in other amazing sisters. The circles are truly magical, uplifting and Cherub is such a wonderful facilitator. She is kind, lively, fun and very supportive. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to connect to themselves and meet other amazing women.” 


Mentor. Founder of “women who dare to desire” conference

About Cherub


I’m a sound artist, living in West London by the canal with my two beautiful sisters and our cute rescue healer cat, Selba.

I have been playing, performing and teaching the transformational powers of sound for almost a decade…way before sound healing had its own publicist..

I am lucky to call Tim Wheater – the grandmaster maestro, and forefather of the sound healing movement – my teacher, my sound partner, and my best friend.

It’s been a true privilege to play alongside Tim over the years and stand amongst the pioneers in this field as we have forged the way for so many others to discover the ancient art and wisdom of sound healing. The more of us that are awakened to the power of frequency, the faster our world will ascend to a place of peace and unity.

I have been extremely lucky – (or maybe it was divine orchestration) to have been guided by the legendary Tim Wheater for the decade I’ve been on my sound journey. I feel privileged to get to say, I can wake up and do what I love every day.

Now I am passionate about supporting women to awaken to their highest potential, and truly become fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.

The origin of Sister Sound Circle


I created Sister Sound Circle in 2016, with my spirit mama, Lindka Cierach. Every new moon we have hosted the circle at the Skylight Lounge, in Lindka’s beautiful home in West London.

It’s been an epic journey, we have opened our circle to women both living in and traveling through London from all over the world.

We gather together with old friends and new. We sing, drum, share, laugh, cry, and support each other as one tribe of golden goddesses.

Trusting that women have been gathering in this way through the ages, and it is our birthright as divine feminine miracles to continue this ancient tradition, sharing, supporting, nurturing and honouring one another.

It feels like the most natural next phase of our journey to evolve into an online members community, extending our circle across the whole planet.


A global sisterhood is born.